A Befitting Career

In our annual student recruitment issue we include articles offering career advice, and we take a closer look at the Art of the Deal and the Art of the Case
IN THIS OUR ANNUAL STUDENT RECRUITMENT issue we include articles setting out summering and articling best practices and career advice (p. 46); and we take a closer look at the Art of the Deal (p. 32), and the Art of the Case (p. 40). We know we are only scratching the surface on the career advice pieces, but hope they help summer and articling students begin their journeys. Hopefully, the direction those journeys eventually take will be into legal or alternative careers in which new lawyers find an element of Art that is motivating and inspiring.

All the way through school, students are generally encouraged to follow their intellectual aptitudes. Indeed, that kind of orienteering led many students to law school. This makes good sense but it can bump into a roadblock when school gives way to career. Of course, new lawyers need the appropriate intellectual aptitudes for the roles they find themselves in, but they also need to find work that suits their personalities. And for those for whom law is a first career, finding that fit can sometimes mean one or more detours. While this can be daunting, there are mentors out there with whom to discuss this issue. Students might be surprised to find out just how many detours some of their mentors took as well.

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