The 2018 Lexpert® Guide to US/Canada Cross-Border Lawyers in Canada, published June 22

Welcome to the new and revised 2018 Lexpert® Guide to US/Canada Cross-Border Lawyers in Canada. The Guide includes a directory of the leading Canadian cross-border lawyers as well as the top issues facing cross-border lawyers dealing with the unsettled US-Canadian relationship in 2018.   
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This edition features the following articles on Top Ten Business-Legal Issues:

A Rise in Workers' Rights
Changes to provincial employment laws and the introduction of cannabis legislation are prompting Canadian employers to review their employment policies

An Evolving Regulatory Landscape
Regulatory requirements in Canada have wide-reaching effects for business and will continue to ramp up, potentially impacting cross-border competitiveness

Artificial Intelligence in M&A
The promise of Artificial Intelligence in M&A — performing extensive and reliable due diligence searches rapidly — will change corporate law in ways we can’t yet predict

Canadian Law in International Insolvency
Pacific Exploration & Production Corp., the largest non-state oil producer in Latin America, announced it had successfully implemented a restructuring plan under Canada’s Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA)

International Commercial Arbitration Harmony
As a multicultural, bilingual nation with civil and common-law jurisdictions, Canada should be a natural hub for International Arbitration. Recent provincial amendments aim to make it so

Lexpert's Top 10 Deals of 2017
Last year’s Top 10 Deals were all about combining forces, as companies sought out efficiencies and clout in the market

Looking into the Future of NAFTA
M&A activity has not yet been impacted by the uncertainty surrounding NAFTA

Tax Reform and Cross-Border Commerce
With the recent US tax law reform, rules for how Canadian capital is invested there may change

The Next Chapter in Data Protection
As protecting data becomes increasingly a key cost of business, the EU’s new GDPR, coming into effect in May, will dictate new standards for the protection of data around the world

What Brexit Means for Rights Holders
Trademark and industrial design holders will need to act to protect and enforce their rights in the UK