Top Deals, Top Deal Lawyers

A really good deal is one in which everyone's a winner
COMPANY EXECUTIVES and investors often view their lawyers differently once they’ve been through a deal. If their lawyers are creative and ethical, they will have aimed to deliver a deal in which all stakeholders win: the acquirer, purchaser, underwriters, investors, employees, customers and the economy. Even in a hostile takeover, at some point, the company has to get back to work. Once that happens, clients will notice the difference their lawyers made. 

Transactional counsel generally operate behind-the-scenes; except at Lexpert, of course. There is much excitement around here in the lead-up to our Top Deals article (January-February issue). Corporate lawyers turn into advocates, enthusiastically sharing with us their opinions on which deals they suggest merit attention. To you who do not see the deals you championed in these pages, please know that these deals too are in excellent company. One such deal was the Canadian Cancer Society amalgamation with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, completed on February 1, 2017. Marc Genereux of McMillan LLP, which represented the Canadian Cancer Society, had this to say about working on that deal:

“The two organizations were charities, whose missions were for the good of the population. In a merger of this type, it is all about continuing and moving the missions to a higher level and increasing efficiencies. The legal work needs to be in line with this. At the same time  Board members were people who have been touched by cancer one way or another (themselves or relatives) and have dedicated a lot of their time for the good of others. In addition to the business side of these mergers, there is a higher level of emotion that needed to be taken into account by lawyers and to make it happen is a reward in itself for all those involved, lawyers included. Beyond that, it was the thing to do.”