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Hansell LLP provides independent legal and governance counsel to businesses, their directors, shareholders and other stakeholders. From navigating critical situations to designing effective governance strategies, we have experience in all aspects of corporate governance. We work closely with Hansell McLaughlin Advisory Inc. to provide an integrated suite of senior advisory services that includes governance, government relations and communications.

Boards of Directors: We act as counsel to boards on oversight issues, governance design, conflicts of interest, shareholder engagement and activism, board investigations, governance reviews and a range of other matters. We emphasize context and practicality.

Individual Directors: Board work isn’t easy. A complex business environment, boardroom dynamics, and constantly evolving governance practices and regulation present constant challenges. Add to that the potential for personal liability or reputation damage, and myriad questions arise in the minds of directors. It is increasingly common for independent directors (or individual directors) to seek advice from their own counsel. We are retained as an ongoing resource to directors or to advise on specific situations as they arise.

Board Committees: Much of the heavy lifting of a board of directors is done in committee. We provide advice on the composition, mandate and work plan of board committees, and work with them as they discharge their responsibilities. We work closely with committee chairs, with members of management who interface with the committee, and with other committee advisors.

Audit Committee: The audit committee has a complex mandate. Its work is grounded in financial reporting, but in many cases the audit committee is charged with responsibility for other matters, such as related party transactions and risk oversight. We work with the audit committee and its chair, as well as with the chief financial officer, internal auditor and external auditor on reporting and disclosure issues. We also represent audit committees in their dealings with regulators.

Compensation Committee: The compensation committee is under the microscope of both shareholders and the public. We work with the committee to ensure that it is well equipped to make effective business decisions, and advise on appropriate and effective disclosure engagement with shareholders.

Nominating & Governance Committee: The nominating and governance committee has important ongoing responsibilities, including maintaining the right balance of skills and talents on the board, providing directors with effective orientation, and ongoing education and evaluation. We support the committee on those matters and advise on governance strategies and practices, and on the effective communication of the organization’s approach to governance.

Special Committees: Special committees are often established to take on board responsibilities with respect to litigation, transactions or other events that are out of the ordinary course of the business. We advise on the establishment of the committee, its responsibilities and authority, the discharge of its mandate, and the associated disclosure, documentation and diligence.

Management: Management is an integral partner in the organization’s governance practices. We work with management teams in developing an approach to governance that aligns with the needs of the corporation and is mindful of current market expectations. We advise on the relationship between management and the board, including communication with the board. We also advise on the relationship between management and the corporation’s shareholders and other stakeholders, including matters of disclosure and compliance.

Shareholders: Shareholders today regularly reach out to the organizations in which they invest to express their views on the corporation’s governance strategy. We advise shareholders on the issues of greatest concern to them and on how to communicate those concerns effectively. We also advise shareholders on how to structure their relationships with the organization in which they invest.

Creditors: Lenders and other creditors focus increasingly on corporate governance. We advise creditors in connection with their risk analysis and as part of the structuring and monitoring of a credit relationship.

Regulators: We advise government and regulators on a wide variety of public policy and legislative matters. We also have experience in advising regulators in their review or investigation of particular corporations, their officers and directors.

Litigants: We provide expert evidence in connection with litigation. Our experience in governance practices over the past 25 years allows us to offer expert views on the manner in which boards and management teams have made decisions in a variety of circumstances.

Parent or Subsidiary Companies: We advise parent companies and their boards, as well as subsidiary companies and their boards, in finding the right balance to governance.


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