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Hughes Amys LLP is a specialty litigation firm that has served the insurance and risk management communities since 1918. For 100 years our firm has provided quality legal services to many of the largest insurers and financial institutions in Canada.

Hughes Amys LLP is a team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who truly enjoy the practice of insurance law. Our 35 lawyers practice exclusively insurance defence law, in Toronto and Hamilton. Our lawyers and staff come from a variety of backgrounds and reflect the cultural diversity of our communities. We are committed to promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

At Hughes Amys LLP, we work with our clients to create innovative and efficient litigation strategies. We understand our clients’ need for prompt and accurate reporting and the importance of controlling their legal spend without sacrificing results. Hughes Amys LLP is focused on creating long-term, mutually beneficial business partnerships with our clients.

Our lawyers have expertise in all areas of insurance defence matters including products liability, professional negligence, policy and coverage interpretation, property, personal injury, accident benefits, mediation and alternative dispute resolution. If a matter cannot be settled, we have dedicated trial counsel with the necessary courtroom expertise to effectively present our clients case.

Hughes Amys LLP has a national and international presence. Several of our lawyers have appeared as counsel in other Canadian jurisdictions. In addition, Hughes Amys LLP is the Ontario member of The ARC Group, a network of independent law firms across Canada providing services to insurers and self-insured companies and entities. Through ARC we are also affiliated with Insuralex, a group of more than 50 independent law firms in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East that specialize in insurance and reinsurance law.


48 Yonge St, Suite 200
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5E 1G6
Phone: (416) 367-1608
Fax: (416) 367-8821


25 Main St W, Suite 2100
Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8P 1H1
Phone: (905) 577-4050
Fax: (905) 577-6301

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