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Rueters lawyers are experienced trial and appellate advocates in the areas of corporate/commercial, securities, employment, defamation, civil fraud and environmental litigation. Our client list includes investment firms, multinational corporations, investor groups, mining and engineering companies, public figures involved in defamation claims, directors and officers of multinational corporations, public employees and high-value estates. We have acted for plaintiffs and defendants in class proceedings and for creditors and corporation debtors in CCAA insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our lawyers represent corporations, brokers, dealers and individuals before courts and securities regulators to defend against allegations of insider trading, deceptive practices, and to respond to cease trade orders and disclosure issues.  We also act in disciplinary proceedings before regulatory bodies including IIROC, MFDA, CPA Ontario, the LSO and the ONERT.

Boutique Litigation.

We tailor our approach to fit each client’s litigation and dispute resolution goals. Our simple internal structure and efficient staffing allows information to flow seamlessly between associates, partners and clients. Client calls are returned. Client concerns are addressed.

We also know that the best legal disputes are those that never arise. Rueters delivers risk advisory services to corporations, companies and startups and conducts workplace investigations for employers facing possible legal action.

Creative. Flexible. Diverse.

Rueters combines small-firm creativity and flexibility with a deep and diverse knowledge base earned from experience at some of Canada’s largest law firms as well as practice in multiple jurisdictions. We have handled diverse matters ranging from workplace bullying to unique investment products. We have advised bitcoin entrepreneurs, and prosecuted and defended internet defamation claims. We also have experience in cross-border litigation. We recently participated in Ontario trial proceedings in Hong Kong, and our lawyers have practised across Canada, the US, and the EU.

Our first duty as your lawyer is to be your advocate and advisor. With that fundamental principle in mind, we apply our experience, strong instincts and sound judgment to take on whatever problem our clients bring to us to achieve results that best serve their needs.



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Phone: (416) 869-9090
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