Lexpert Headlines in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business

  • Accounting firms in Canada have thus far been unable to break into high-end business law, but patience may yet bear fruit as they continue to build capacity in legal services.
  • Nintendo wasn’t expecting a major payout when it sued a small retailer for copyright infringement. What it expected was far more valuable — to redefine the law around media piracy.
  • In the Bri-Chem trilogy, a tribunal found that the Canada Border Services Agency was disregarding regulation. Challenging the agency proved an uphill, but ultimately worthwhile, battle.
  • M&A lawyers concerned about prospect of enhanced real-time disclosure in related-party deals
  • In 2016, bankruptcy checked Performance Sports Group into the boards. But an unbeatable bid followed by a US$575-million asset sale to Sagard Holdings and Fairfax Financial Holdings saved its iconic hockey and baseball brands