We are pleased to bring you the 2019 Lexpert Guide to US/Canada Cross-Border Lawyers in Canada. The Lexpert-ranked lawyers who are listed in this publication were chosen on this basis: 

Our first step was to research firms and leading lawyers to determine who are leading the way in cross-border practices. It is our intention to capture in this Guide, those lawyers whose practices comprise at least 25% cross-border mandates.

Then, we selected from the lawyers we found in that research, those who are Lexpert- ranked as Most Frequently Recommended (MFR), which is our highest level of ranking. In The Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory, which you can find at Lexpert.ca, we list lawyers and firms who are MFR as well as those who are Consistently Recommended and Repeatedly Recommended.

Law firms that have a cross-border MFR lawyer were invited to purchase photos for them and for the lawyers on their cross-border teams. Bios throughout the Guide are marked according to their rankings described above.

The publication is divided into focus sections of relevance to US counsel and executives. These headings are: Business Issues; Dispute Resolution; Environmental; Financing; Insolvency; IP and Media; Labor/Employment; M&A; Regulatory; Tax; and Trade. Within these focus sections, you will see lawyers describe their practices
more particularly.

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