2017 Zenith Award Winners


Barbara Norell, Harper Grey LLP Vancouver

Barbara Norell is a strong proponent of initiatives supporting leadership and re¬tention of women in law. Barbara is the firm’s diversity officer, an advocate for women and a sought-out mentor, gener¬ous in sharing her time and knowledge. She leads the firm’s participation in the BC Law Society’s Justicia Project and assisted in drafting model maternity and parental leave policies and a guide to leadership for women. She initiated a TAGLaw women’s initiative aimed at increasing the retention and leadership of women lawyers among member law firms of the global association. She was instrumental in creating TAGLaw’s first women’s leadership session and addressed its 2016 international conference on this subject. She’s an enthusiastic mentor of young women in the firm and through the CBA Women Lawyers Forum.

Lida Nouraie, Desrosiers Joncas Nouraie Massicotte LLP

At only 35, Lida Nouraie has appeared seven times before the Supreme Court of Canada in cases that are important for the Canadian criminal justice system. As a result, the Criminal Defence Lawyers Association of Montréal has mandated Lida for all its appellate interventions. She is a strong advocate for women in law and in society. She acts as legal counsel for the Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec, intervening more than 1,000 times for the rights of women. She founded and is President of Project Innocence Québec, a non-profit helping people with wrongful conviction cases. At the University of Québec in Montréal, she teaches a course where students work on wrongful conviction files. She created a scholarship for female law students and serves as a member of the Québec Bar Committee on Women in the Legal Profession.