2019 Zenith Award Winners


Tina Lie, Paliare Roland Rosenberg Rothstein LLP

Together with two other racialized women, Tina Lie founded a group called GROWL (Group of Racialized Ontario Women Litigators). Since its inception in the fall of 2017, GROWL has grown to more than 80 members across dozens of law firms and government workplaces in the Greater Toronto Area. GROWL has hosted multiple networking events for its members, as well as substantive panel discussions designed to promote inclusion and collective experience-sharing among its members. For instance, last year it hosted a wine and cheese discussion featuring Atrisha Lewis and Janani Shanmuganathan, lawyers who wrote in popular legal industry publications about the challenges they face as racialized women lawyers. “GROWL is also receiving increasing recognition in the wider legal profession as an important voice for racialized female litigators."

Robert Love, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Robert Love was quick to identify the winds of change and the true magnitude of technological disruption to be caused by autonomous vehicles. In 2016, he co-authored the first of its kind legal white paper on the cross-industry impact of autonomous vehicles (https://blg.com/en/News-And-Publications/Documents/Autonomous-Vehicles2016.pdf). “Subsequent to the release of ‘Autonomous Vehicles, Revolutionizing Our World’, Bob zeroed in on the impact of autonomous vehicles to the insurance industry. In November, 2016, Canadian Underwriter published his article ‘Unknown Roads Ahead’. Love also contributed to the policy thinking with respect to autonomous vehicles. He was invited to present before the Federal Senate Standing Committee on Transportation and Communications to help the Committee better understand what the Canadian government needed to consider before AVs could travel on Canadian roads."