2019 Zenith Award Winners


Charles Whitburn, Points International Ltd.

Charles Whitburn, recognized not only the need for additional support – both from internal resources and external counsel – but the importance of changing the paradigm. “Whitburn required knowledgeable counsel with experience in multiple practice areas -- not just general commercial and technology law experience -- but substantive experience with complex cross jurisdictional issues, in light of the firm’s international corporate partners, suppliers and customers. In short, Whitburn set out to re-imagine the legal department of a mid-market firm by implementing a ‘distributed’ approach, relying on in-house resources for core operational matters, using traditional law firms for subject-matter expertise on discrete projects and using innovative alternative law firms, such as Conduit Law and Inter Alia Law, for the firm’s high value, and large volume, commercial legal work that requires the benefit of experienced senior counsel able to work at a high tempo on an on-demand basis."

David Wotherspoon, Dentons

David Wotherspoon, head of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution group in Dentons’ Vancouver office, has moved the dial significantly with respect to not only pro bono work in the legal profession, but to redefining the role of lawyers to advance access to justice. He realized that to improve access to legal representation, law firms needed to change the way they do business and redefine how law firms approach pro bono work. Wotherspoon is leading that change…[he] continues to volunteer hundreds of hours to have a meaningful impact on his community. Giving back to the communities in which we live, and work has become an instrumental component of Wotherspoon’s practice. Wotherspoon “represented the City of Abbotsford’s homeless, in a ground-breaking lawsuit challenging city bylaws that made it illegal to set up temporary shelters in public spaces."