2016 Zenith Award Winners


Christine Thomlinson, Rubin Thomlinson LLP and RT Workplace Training

Chris Thomlinson has led development of training for employers across the country that supports diverse, respectful and inclusive workplaces. Sessions covering respect at work, accommodation at work, investigating human rights breaches, advanced workplace investigation techniques, sexual harassment and mental health issues in the workplace aim to enhance employees’ respect for each other. Her clients have included police forces, universities, municipalities and professional services firms. Chris developed a program for the Ontario Hospital Association, which is being delivered province-wide through 10 webcasts. Topics include identifying and dealing with harassment and discrimination, as well as best practices to promote harassment- and discrimination-free workplaces. As Co-managing Partner and Co-founder of the firm and a training company, Chris has built two businesses, which are highly diverse, including members from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, place of origin, sexual orientation and age.