Antree Demakos, Legal Line

Antree Demakos has devoted her career to demystifying the law and helping millions of Canadians obtain access to justice. Antree founded Legal Line in 1993 as a national non-profit that provides free answers to more than 1,000 legal questions in 65 languages. has had 25 million hits. In 2002, Antree created and secured federal funding for the Business and Entrepreneur Awareness Program (BEAP), a business development initiative for at-risk youth throughout Canada. In 1993, Antree founded Pardons Canada, a federal nonprofit agency, and grew it into the largest criminal-records education and removal organization in Canada, helping more than 250,000 Canadians receive pardons for criminal convictions. In 1992-95 she located, met with and helped to reinstate 2,800 small business owners whose companies were summarily dissolved when they did not receive notice of a new $50 annual corporate filing fee.
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