Joanna Radbord, Martha McCarthy & Company LLP

As co-counsel, Joanna Radbord successfully challenged the ban on same-sex marriage in Ontario. Since 2006, she has worked on a pro bono basis to help LGBTQ families secure equal parental recognition. While heterosexual couples benefited from a presumption that the male spouse of a woman who gives birth is a parent, one partner in an LGBTQ couple is frequently a legal stranger to his or her child. Joanna first litigated the issue in Rutherford v. Ontario. She was also key strategist behind Cy and Ruby’s Law (Bill 137). After the bill stalled in 2015, Joanna launched a constitutional challenge, Grand v. Ontario, securing an interim settlement with the government. Joanna then helped draft the All Families Are Equal Act, which passed with all-party support in late 2016.
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