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    • Jean Cumming
      For anyone who spent or spends considerable time in academic pursuits, which includes virtually all lawyers, September is as much of a marker of a new year as is January.
    • George S. Takach
      But with so much data generated and accessed today, lawyers must take care to use it correctly
    • Richard G. Stock
      Why should companies hire their own legal executives? For the significant return they’ll receive on investment
    • Jean Cumming
      In the dawning era of artificial intelligence, humans must learn to harness the power of the machine
    • Donna C. Wannop
      Studies have shown that referred clients are less aggressive in fee negotiations, and more profitable and loyal
    • George S. Takach
      A harmful regulatory regime was about to get downright dangerous — until the federal government backed off
    • Jean Cumming
      In our annual student recruitment issue we include articles offering career advice, and we take a closer look at the Art of the Deal and the Art of the Case
    • Richard G. Stock
      Client and firm should agree on the planning assumptions for each task before too many resources are expended
    • Edward J. Waitzer
      Corporations can be proactive and move with the times — or have the times forced upon them
    • Heather Suttie
      Law firms must become receptive to change in order to effect it; here are the hits and misses of good innovation


    • Wherein our columnist makes a case for resurrecting obsolete words — at least in idioms
    • Celebrate Canada’s sesquicentenary with culture and nature
    • Tony Aspler travels to London to judge the Decanter World Wine Awards, and consumes a lot of wine — and cheese
    • Here’s a sampling from around the world, as used in the English, German, Russian and Hebrew languages
    • Foodies, families, historians, beach bunnies will all leave satisfied
    • Evaluating a wine starts with eyeing it, then “nosing the glass” for its bouquet, and finally tasting it
    • A study of two of our most familiar words show their similarities in languages around the world
    • Will you row your own boat or lean back and enjoy the river ride?
    • No, it's not seditious to use champagne in the kitchen — or when mixing drinks, for that matter
    • There are no end of variations on what the @ symbol is called around the world — many of them animal-related