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  • On April 29, 2016, Unique Fabricating, Inc. completed its acquisition of Intasco Corporation for aggregate consideration of approximately $27,500,000. Under the asset and share purchase agreement ...
  • On May 2, 2016, Apollo Global Management LLC (Apollo) completed its acquisition of ADT Corp., a leading provider of security and automation solutions in the United States and Canada, for US$6.93 ...


  • Richard G. Stock
    A great many Canadian companies do business and have employees outside of North America and Europe, and it can be instructive to review the invoices of one company that is retaining external counsel for “commodity” or regular work in 50 countries. ...
  • Donna C. Wannop
    It’s time to admit it. Social media is not a passing fad. It’s here to stay and it’s promising to revolutionize the ways we develop business. Many lawyers who aren’t meeting with success using old-fashioned marketing strategies and techniques are ...
  • Shelby Z.C. Austin
    We are told early in our careers that to be successful we need to put our heads down and do great work. We are promised that if we build strong relationships and “do the right things,” success will follow. But what if that isn’t true? Welcome to the ...
  • George S. Takach
    In my past two columns, I focused on the importance of international trade to a small economy such as Canada’s (relative to our large trading partners, such as the US, the EU and China), and then specifically the usefulness to Canadian business of ...
  • Jean Cumming
    At Lexpert, we avoid having two lawyers from the same firm on the cover (despite frequent requests to the contrary). But we can’t keep up with some of you.
  • Richard G. Stock
    Internal counsel have a new ally to help drive innovation: external counsel
  • Heather Suttie
    The upshot of a hollowing out of people and profits in legal services
  • Jordan Furlong
    The accountants aren’t “coming” to infiltrate law. They’re already here
  • George S. Takach
    Canadian businesses would benefit mightily from e-commerce in a TPP-supported economy
  • Jean Cumming
    In one area, there is less information available: dispute resolution. In mediation and negotiation, the decisions, or at least the terms, are usually confidential.


  • What is the complete opposite of sitting in an office re-reading opposing counsel’s factum? Exploring an American national park. This year the parks celebrate their 100th anniversary. But while the terrain may be rugged, these three in-park ...
  • Every wine region needs an icon winery — a winery that’s a magnet, that draws consumers to wine country. Ontario nearly had one such winery when Vincor hired world-renowned architect Frank Gehry to design a facility for Clos Jordanne. Gehry’s ...
  • When the past century ended, I was somewhat bemused to read, in John Ayto’s 20th Century Words, that the word “cool” was twice listed: the first time in 1933 adjectivally as a term of approval; and in 1953 as a verb to mean to relax, as in the ...
  • Skip the tourist traps at these luxurious faraway destinations
  • That abandoned plot outside the city may be the perfect spot to plant a vineyard
  • Words with a political or military origin often enter the common lexicon in unusual ways
  • Looking for a truly luxurious island getaway? Look no further
  • Is this a good-looking poodle? Now you know what it feels like to be a wine writer
  • What’s a word? Of course, what qualifies as a word lexicographically has always been somewhat problematic. For example, we can’t assume that just because a word is found in one dictionary that it will be listed in others. For example, Merriam ...
  • The moment will come. You’ll be shuffling papers, looking out the window … and a distant ray of sunshine will be your undoing. In the moment when you realize the grey skies aren’t going anywhere for a few months yet, a trip to Costa Rica will feel ...