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  • Heather Suttie; Donna C. Wannop
    Lawyers are advised to make changes to their practices steadily and consistently, and avoid overanalysing
  • Jean Cumming
    In an article published on TR’s Legal Executive Institute Network, “Moving from Literary Prose to Machine Code,” Kingsley Martin discusses “Auditable Contracts” (i.e., those “capable of computer analysis to assess their principal characteristics.”)
  • article list image
    Today, a PR disaster can sink a company faster than a lawsuit. That requires cross-disciplinary teamwork.
  • George S. Takach
    Bitcoin may seem uncontrollable, but so did the internet back in the day. Eventually, legal systems emerge.
  • Richard G. Stock
    A recent report outlines how major corporations are spurring innovation within their law departments
  • Heather Suttie
    As in football, change in legal services can depend on incremental gains … until a punter shows up
  • article list image
    Smart data analytics is essential to compete in a tech- and data-driven world
  • George S. Takach
    The invention enabling Bitcoin has profound implications for bankers, lawyers — the whole world, really
  • Richard G. Stock
    An experienced general counsel recently asked me an interesting question. How, after 30 years of serving a company, does a law department add value? How does one change service delivery to do this when demand already exceeds resources and internal ...
  • Jean Cumming
    Do law students want to practice law? If you do, what do you suppose that looks like? For some of you, it will be human rights and work that is based on access to justice. May there be more of you. Some of you would like to serve the business ...


  • The vintners of this country owe a debt of gratitude to the hybrids that propelled their fledgling industry
  • Perception matters. We should choose our words carefully.
  • Could "Hog Island" ever have attracted so much attention?
  • Heavens to Betsy, where did all these name expressions come from?
  • There’s a tendency to head for the tried and true when it comes to Europe. Flights to Paris, Rome and Prague are popular, but chances are high that you’ll look across the aisle and spot the client you thought you were taking a holiday from. Instead, ...
  • Wine lovers, I have found, are unrepentant collectors, not only of bottles of wine, but also all the paraphernalia that goes along with wine — the labels, corkscrews, corks and even those little metal discs under the cage of champagne bottle ...
  • Pop quiz: what common 10-letter word is composed of letters found on the top letter line of a typewriter? … While “repertoire,” “perpetuity” and “proprietor” solve the riddle, the clever response to this little word puzzle is “typewriter.” Of ...
  • Washington makes some of the finest wines you’ve probably never tasted — the state that is, not Washington, D.C. You might wonder how they can grow quality wine grapes out there when last year the city of Seattle’s annual rainfall measured just shy ...
  • This year marks the 400th anniversary of the death of perhaps the most memorable writer of all. It is fitting that the phrase “we all make his praise” is an anagram of William Shakespeare. Moreover, the “all” in the phrase refers not only to native ...
  • Hawaii is the gift that keeps on giving. No matter which island you choose, you can bet that the view will be prettier than the one outside your office window. Even the most visited islands can offer something new. On your next visit seek out one of ...