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    • Aly R. Háji
      Millennials seek feedback, work-life balance and greater flexibility
    • Donna C. Wannop
      Using Referrals, or, the Power of the Indirect Approach
    • George S. Takach
      Four steps to help you beat the paltry success rate of 16.2 per cent on IT projects
    • Richard G. Stock
      A new white paper, “The Call for Innovation in the Law Department,” provides a good start to reconsidering practices
    • Dany H. Assaf
      Societal changes are reflected in how the regulatory approval process has changed in the past 25 years
    • Heather Suttie
      Canadian legal practice shifts — cautiously — toward sector structure, following global law firms’ lead
    • George S. Takach
      November 1 is the deadline for organizations to meet the requirements of the Digital Privacy Act; prepare yourself now
    • Richard G. Stock
      Law departments can still take charge of legal services management and pricing to get better value from their firms
    • Stephen R. Moore
      Advanced driver assistance systems stand to have a significant impact on premiums — and on litigation
    • Donna C. Wannop
      Or, how to make conference attendance an effective and productive use of your time, energy and resources


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