Introduction to Lexpert®

Meet the Lexpert directories team

For queries related to The Lexpert®/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada and The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory please contact any of the below team members:

  • Lucinda Maguire
  • Global Head of Research
  • [email protected]
  • 30+ years’ experience in B2B publishing, research, events, PR, marketing, business strategy, forging partnerships and deepening relationships with clients, enhancing systems and processes to maximize efficiencies. 15+ years working in the legal publishing industry (Key Media and Thomson Reuters) in Asia, Australia, Europe and Canada.
  • Peter Murphy
  • Senior Editor – Lexpert® Survey & Rankings
  • [email protected]
  • Over 8 years’ experience in publishing, including 6+ years managing the Lexpert® Survey. Co-lead on the Lexpert® Survey site redesign to improve the voting experience and address firm needs more efficiently. An empathetic communicator committed to accuracy, transparency and problem solving. MA, and certificate in Data Analytics & Big Data (Ryerson University, Toronto).
  • Alina Leigh
  • Production Process Lead
  • [email protected]
  • Over a decade of experience in publishing, working on Lexpert publications (Survey, CLLD, ALM 500, CCCA, Special Editions). Innovated many of the processes currently in use for production. Lead of CCCA Directory for several years and production lead of Special Editions through a period of change. Had an active role in multiple database and website redesign projects for the Lexpert® brand.
  • Christina Jelinek
  • Production Editor
  • [email protected]
  • 15+ years’ experience in editing, writing, research of multiple journals / higher education textbooks / legal documents for law firm and educational publishers. Fully trained across the Lexpert® Survey, ALM 500 production and CLLD production.
  • Trisha Gato
  • Editorial Researcher
  • 5 years’ experience as publishing specialist for Thomson Reuters legal products before joining the Lexpert team; support function to the above production team.
  • Daniel Polowin
  • Production Editor
  • [email protected]
  • A decade of experience as an editor and publishing professional, including 6+ years creating content for a legal audience both in print and online. Fully trained across the Lexpert® Survey, ALM 500 production and CLLD production.


Meet the Editorial Team


  • Tim Wilbur
  • Editor-in-Chief - Law
  • [email protected]
  • @timbwilbur (Twitter)
  • Main point of contact for all legal editorial coverage. 

    Senior editor and licensed lawyer with 16+ years of experience in the publishing industry. Responsible for editorial direction and team for Lexpert, Canadian Lawyer, Canadian Lawyer InHouse and Law Times, and content for Key Media’s legal events in Canada.

  • Elizabeth Raymer, Senior Editor—Law
  • Elizabeth Raymer
  • Senior Editor—Law
  • [email protected]
  • @ElizabethRaymer (Twitter)
  • Main point of contact for Quebec regional news, Supreme Court of Canada, litigation and federal legal issues.

    Twenty-five years of experience as a writer and editor for newspapers and magazines, with a niche in the law. MA in journalism from the University of Western Ontario. Writes and edits for Canadian Lawyer and Lexpert.
  • Lucy Saddleton, Journalist
  • Lucy Saddleton
  • Journalist
  • [email protected]
  • @LSaddleton (Twitter)
  • Main point of contact for in-house counsel news.

    Accomplished business journalist with 15+ years’ writing experience, mainly responsible for researching, writing and editing print and web content for Canadian Lawyer InHouse magazine.
  • Zena Olijnyk, Editor—Law 
  • Zena Olijnyk
  • Editor—Law 
  • [email protected]
  • @zenaolijnyk (Twitter)
  • Main point of contact for Atlantic, Prairies, Western Canadian and northern territories news, as well as corporate/M&A news.

    More than 30 years’ experience at newspapers, magazines and broadcasters covering business, legal and general news. Bachelor of Applied Journalism from Ryerson University, Bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the University of Toronto. Writes for Canadian Lawyer and Lexpert.
  • Aidan Macnab, Editor—Canadian Lawyer
  • Aidan Macnab
  • Editor—Canadian Lawyer
  • [email protected]
  • @AidanMacnab (Twitter)
  • Writes about litigation, deals and legal tech across Canada.

    Ryerson School of Journalism graduate (2017). 
  • Annabel Oromoni, Journalist — Law
  • Annabel Oromoni
  • Journalist — Law
  • [email protected]
  • @AnnabelOromoni (Twitter)
  • Main point of contact for Ontario legal news. 

    4+ years working in the Ontario legal scene.  Bachelor’s degree in Socio-Legal Studies from the University of Toronto (2017) and pursuing an MA in Journalism from Harvard University.



Meet key staff associated with Legal Teams


  • Chris Davis, Head of Events
  • Chris Davis
  • Head of Events
  • [email protected]
  • 20 years’ International Event & Conference experience working for market-leading conference companies in Europe & North America. Managed projects for corporate events and media companies specializing in global summits and B2B marketing services, including 5 years working in the corporate hospitality space of Formula 1.

  • Ian Buerger, Canada Staff Writer—Law
  • Ian Buerger
  • Canada Staff Writer—Law
  • [email protected]
  • Focuses on organizing and editing the Legal Insights series for, a value-added service that uses search engine optimization (SEO) values to promote original content produced by our clients. He is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and Háskóli Íslands. Ian has prior experience in the British and Canadian legal sectors and once worked for Chambers UK in London.
  • Mark Montpetit, Senior Conference Producer
  • Mark Montpetit
  • Senior Conference Producer
  • [email protected]
  • 9+ years’ experience in conferences and educational workshops, including extensive experience in legal, corporate director and energy industry programming. Active role from initial program design to marketing, partnership development and relationship management across multiple countries. LLB, University of Alberta, GRP.  
  • Melissa Young Sing, VP Digital, Key Media
  • Melissa Young Sing
  • VP Digital, Key Media
  • [email protected]
  • Currently leading the data management and digital experience team globally for Key Media, Melissa is the main point of contact for website design and user experience. Melissa has over 8 years of experience in B2B media, ranging from business development to conference production and digital product development. Her team is currently focused on SEO strategy, data insights and digital product management.

  • Jacob Reeleder, Senior Manager—Digital
  • Jacob Reeleder
  • Senior Manager—Digital
  • [email protected]
  • Focused on SEO and digital experience, Jacob leads our SEO content and authority-building initiatives, both for Lexpert and ranked firms and lawyers. He has over 9 years of experience in content marketing and SEO, and is constantly looking for ways to increase targeted traffic to high-value pages and content on the Lexpert site. 



Lexpert directories selection process: Methods & Rankings 

Lexpert sends a comprehensive annual Survey (which has been ongoing since 1994) to all law firm lawyers named therein, or their voting. The lawyers named on the Lexpert® Survey have been recommended by their law firm leaders to be so named. They are acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields, lawyers prominent in their practice areas and professional organizations, and lawyers otherwise enjoying significant recognition from their colleagues. 

Survey Candidate Criteria
Lawyers listed in the Lexpert® Directories and Special Editions are determined by the annual Lexpert® Survey, a peer vote conducted across 65 practice areas that takes place each spring. To be added to a Survey practice area ballot, a lawyer must be nominated by a managing partner of their own firm or by a Lexpert-ranked lawyer in their same practice area, as a leading lawyer in a practice area(s) that Lexpert surveys. Nominations should include a brief note that supports the nominee is a leading lawyer in the area for which they are being nominated. Nominees should be partners at their firms (or similarly senior lawyers). 

Nominations Review
Nominations are reviewed for eligibility by the Directories Team and Editor-in-Chief. They may be sent to the Directories Team at [email protected] by Dec. 31st for the upcoming year’s Survey. Additional nominations are generated through an annual pre-vetting process, which happens in January and February prior to the spring Survey. Lexpert reviews the nominations, conducts necessary research, and in its sole discretion determines whether a nominee’s name is added to the Survey. On each practice area ballot, Lexpert also provides room for write-in nominees. Names of lawyers who receive write-in nominations, determined in Lexpert’s sole discretion, will appear on the following year’s Survey.  

Voting Process 
The annual voting on the Survey occurs in the spring, at which time the lawyers whose names appear on the Survey are invited to vote online. The results populate the rankings-based Directories and Special Editions for the following year.

Rankings (Most Frequently Recommended, Consistently Recommended, and Repeatedly Recommended) are determined based on the results of extensive peer voting in the annual Lexpert® Survey. 

The Survey results feed the Lexpert Directories and Special Editions. Editorial discretion is added to the Survey and tabulation processes in several ways. These include advice from senior members of the Bar, market research, and considering the votes received by lawyers in more than one practice area. The names of those lawyers who do not receive a minimum number of votes in their respective Survey are removed from the following year’s Survey. 

Ranked Lawyers’ Advance Notification 
Firms are notified by email of their selected lawyers before each Directory or Special Edition. We ask that you not publish this news, online or in print, before each of these publications have launched  (e.g., the Lexpert®/ALM 500 Directory will be published January 6, 2022, and the Canadian Lexpert® Directory end February 2022). Please inform us at your earliest convenience if any of your firm’s selected listees for the Directories retire or otherwise leave your firm. This will help us ensure that the information we publish about your firm will be accurate. 

We maintain strict separation between editorial (which includes the Survey and Rankings) and advertising. The names of all lawyers, which result from the Survey conducted by Lexpert, are published at no charge whether or not they or their firms purchase advertising in any of our publications. Lawyers advertising and communicating regarding Lexpert rankings and awards should follow their governing law societies’ rules and regulations concerning advertising, communications, and third party rankings and awards. Compliance with these rules and regulations is the sole responsibility of lawyer and entity members of their governing law societies. Being ranked in a Lexpert publication one year does not guarantee that a lawyer or firm will be ranked the following year. We conduct  an annual Survey and there is significant change, from one year to the next, in the subsequent Rankings. 

An Evolving Approach 
In keeping with extensive consultations conducted with stakeholders, Lexpert revises certain of the practice groups to accord with the realities of an evolving legal market. These changes reflect the market as it is today.


Bull's-eye Charts

The bull’s-eyes charts have been redesigned for 2022 using a new digital publishing platform, for a more vibrant, dynamic appearance. 

Law firm positions in the bull’s-eye charts depend on the cumulative recognition their individual lawyers have achieved in the Lexpert® Survey. More particularly, the formula for the bull’s-eye charts is as follows:

  • 1.5 points for each lawyer in the “Most Frequently Recommended” tier in any of the relevant practice areas in The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory OR The Lexpert®/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada;
  • 0.75 points for each lawyer in the “Consistently Recommended” tier in any of the relevant practice areas in The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory;
  • 0.5 points for each lawyer in the “Repeatedly Recommended” tier in any of the relevant practice areas in The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory;
  • If one lawyer appears in multiple practice areas, the calculation is treated as if it were for more than one lawyer.

2021–2022 Schedule
Upcoming dates and deadlines for the Lexpert® Survey, The Lexpert® /American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada (ALM 500) and The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory (CLLD):

December 2021
2022 ALM 500 launch announcement to firms

January 2022
2022 ALM 500 website launch
Pre-vetting period (review lists of 2022 Survey candidates)
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: numbers of lawyers for Largest Law Firms for 2022 CLLD League Tables
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 2022 CLLD bios, articles, firm cards, ads

February 2022
2022 CLLD website launch - ranking information becomes public
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: requested pre-vetting changes to 2022 Survey candidates; authorized pre-vetting changes to the Survey communicated back to firms

March 2022 
2022 SURVEY LAUNCH: notification to firm marketing contacts and vote invitations to all Survey candidates; regular Survey response reports sent to firms

April 2022
2022 CLLD publish & mail to firms


Portfolio of Products

Lexpert® Special Editions

Lexpert® produces several themed Special Editions each year featuring firm- and journalist-written articles and information on leading Lexpert®-ranked lawyers in specific practice areas or industries. The Lexpert® newswire offers the legal profession a detailed look at trends and the most recent deals and cases that law firms and lawyers are acting on and other news in the area of focus for each Special Edition. The publications are distributed to a select circulation including through The Globe and Mail. They are:


  • Finance and M&A 
  • Technology
  • Health sciences
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Litigation


  • Finance and M&A 
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Litigation
  • Technology and Health Sciences
  • Mining

Special Editions —  [email protected]

Central to the Lexpert® brand is a commitment to acknowledging and celebrating excellence in the legal profession. In addition to the renowned peer rankings, a suite of industry events includes the following annual awards:

  • Canadian Law Awards, presented by Lexpert and supported by Canadian Lawyer and InHouse magazines (May)
  • Lexpert Rising Stars Awards: Leading Lawyers under 40 (November)

The Directories are based on an extensive peer survey process and recognized as an excellent resource on Canadian counsel. They include profiles of leading practitioners and law firms and articles on current, relevant legal issues.

  • The Lexpert®/American Lawyer Guide to the Leading 500 Lawyers in Canada (ALM) ― published online January 6)
  • The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory (CLLD) ―published online end February and print in April

ALM ―  [email protected]
CLLD ―  [email protected]

New Website was relaunched in May 2021 with a brand-new design. As part of The Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory, it features enhanced, easy-to-navigate firm and lawyer profiles. These microsites mean all ranked lawyers, office locations, related articles and links are available in one place. The new site amalgamates very well with the Client Tool and facilitates social media integration. It maximizes SEO benefit and includes expanded multimedia content. Compared with the former website, the new website receives 27% more visits, 23% more users, and 12% more pageviews.

Lexpert® Survey
Interest in the annual Survey of leading Canadian lawyers is reflected in increased Response Rates in recent years.
Requests for surveys from law firm practitioners: 17,240
•    Completed forms received: 13,612
•    Practitioner response rate: 79.0%
•    Requests for surveys from corporate counsel: 6,574
•    Corporate counsel response rate: 1.3%    
Requests for surveys from law firm practitioners: 16,466
•    Completed forms received: 12,859
•    Practitioner response rate: 78.1%
•    Requests for surveys from corporate counsel: 6,874
•    Corporate counsel response rate: 1.2%

Lexpert® Survey — [email protected]

Canadian Lawyer and Law Times Statistics
The and websites now have over 3.5 million pageviews per year, with over 1.2 million pageviews per year on the Law Times site and 2.3 million pageviews per year on the Canadian Lawyer site.


Key Media General Information 

  • Has significant experience in the legal market (since 2002) and is the founding publisher of Australasian Lawyer and NZLawyer and associated events.
  • Organizes annual Awards globally across multiple verticals, including Legal, as well as professional development events covering different aspects of the law. With hundreds of attendees, either in person or virtually, these are the best-attended events in their respective markets.
  • Combines audience interest with commercial objectives, creating products that are leaders in their respective markets. Key Media uses its international footprint to offer clients unrivalled access to target audiences, maximizing engagement through breadth of content, access to global industry leaders and market reach. This approach means deeper relationships with audiences and unique opportunities for clients to run more sophisticated and measurable cross-platform campaigns.
  • Holds over 80 events annually, and has 15 magazine titles, around 40 websites and a world-wide annual reach of more than 700,000 professionals.
  • Has held over 69 virtual events, including webinars, masterclasses and virtual summits, with in excess of 15,000 attendees.

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