LeddarTech acquires VayaVision

LeddarTech, a leader in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving), acquired Israeli based VavaVision, a sensor fusion and perception software company. VavaVision is a pioneer in the field of sensor fusion and perception, providing autonomy solutions to leading players in the automotive industry addressing use cases from L2 to L5 ADAS and AD. This was a strategic acquisition in terms of improving overall technology and IP value proposition for Leddartech in the evolving industry of Lidar and autonomous vehicles.

The integration of VayaVision technologies, products and expertise will enable LeddarTech to accelerate time-to-market while significantly reducing customer development costs and risk. LedderTech’s LeddarEngine platform combined with VayaVision sensor fusion and perception enables LeddarTech to address customers’ need for sensing solutions that are hardware agnostic, scalable and adaptable to any vehicle and sensor configuration at a mass market level. This globally strategic acquisition (Canada-Israel) creates post-acquisition synergistic value for LeddarTech.

VayaVision is now a subsidiary of LeddarTech and will henceforth be referred to as VayaVision, a LeddarTech Company.

The value of the transaction is confidential.

Smart & Biggar represented Leddartech as lead intellectual property co-counsel for the buyer with a team that included
Sanjay Goorachurn,
Stephan Georgiev,
Sanro Zlobec,
and Jyoti Chakraborty.

Stikeman Elliott LLP (Montreal) also represented Leddartech with a team that included
Marc B. Barbeau
Julien Michaud,

Anthony Otis.

Richard LaRue, chief legal officer of Leddartech, also represented Leddartech.

EBN Law acted as Israeli counsel with a team that included Yael Benyaver.

KPMG (Quebec City) and E&Y Israel acted as deal advisers.

Vayavision was represented by local Israeli firm Gross Klein Handler Hodak and Reches Patents.

Rothchild & Co (London, UK office) was deal adviser.