Lexpert Publishes Special Edition: Technology 2020

Lexpert published its Special Edition: Technology on May 13, 2020. The Lexpert Special Edition: Technology profiles Lexpert-ranked lawyers whose focus is servicing clients in the Technology industry.

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Financing Tech Growth
Short-term divergence towards pharmaceuticals and more manufacturing mandates are two trends corporate lawyers identify as COVID-19 reshapes prospects for the tech sector

How AI is Changing the World
Companies and universities are harnessing artificial intelligence to develop technologies to track COVID-19 and develop neural networks; but tech companies must also pay attention to protection of their assets.

How Technology is Reshaping Privacy
The use of Clearview AI's facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies across the United States, Canada and elsewhere is just one example of how technology is putting privacy watchdogs into overdrive

Attracting Global Tech Talent
No matter how Canada weathers the COVID-19 storm, its technology — and particularly AI — sector remains strong; and we're still a good place to come home to, despite the high taxes