Maxxam Obtains Springboard Injunction Against Former Employees

Maxxam Analytics Inc. (Maxxam), one of the largest, multidisciplinary, independent analytical services companies in Canada, has recently been successful in obtaining an interlocutory injunction against several key employees who had left the company to form their own company, Capital Forensics Inc.

The former employees intended to compete for government contracts which involved forensic testing of racehorses for drugs, an area in which Maxxam specializes. Maxxam succeeded in obtaining a “springboard” injunction, restraining the defendants from using the benefit of government accreditation for one year, and from competing for government contracts and using confidential information—thus neutralizing any headstart in the market the defendants sought to obtain.

Graham Smith and Rebecca Burrows of the Toronto office of Goodman Phillips & Vineberg represented Maxxam. Capital Forensics was represented by Derek Fazakas of Fazakas, Walma in Hamilton, Ontario.