Elizabeth S. Dipchand, Dipchand LLP

Elizabeth S. Dipchand, Dipchand LLP

Elizabeth's achievements are founded upon her ability to unify. She has the ability to turn colleagues into champions and clients into partners. 

Community is the basis for everything she does, and everyone around her is a part of it. When she is not living a better way to practice law, she lends her time, name and resources to the advancement of women, marginalized communities and innovative ventures that deserve support. 

Elizabeth is grateful for the opportunity to serve her community as a director on various boards (Shaw Festival, IPIC, G(irls)20). She is also strongly committed to professional excellence, the pursuit of ingenious solutions and is actively engaged in growing great lawyers. However, her most significant success comes from founding Dipchand LLP and leading a highly curated team. 

Elizabeth’s natural talent for finding top-caliber professionals and dedication to the values of excellence, integrity, ingenuity and fun gives Dipchand LLP the big shop mentality with a village’s sense of community. The Dipchand LLP team sees how the legal world should be and brings it to a reality every day through the unique way that they practice law. As a client, just like her team and colleagues, you are invited into a professional relationship that lasts a lifetime. Their commitment to compassion, professional excellence, and curiosity is contagious for everyone they interact with. 

For Elizabeth, the spotlight is not worth it if a shadow is cast onto others — success is only worth celebrating if it’s shared with those who helped pave the way.


For more information, visit: www.dipchand.com
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Phone: +1.416.504.5805