Gluckstein Lawyers

Gluckstein Lawyers

Charles Gluckstein has long recognized the advantages that accompany innovation. He has worked tirelessly to modernize his practice to meet changing realities and better serve clients. Choosing to lead rather than follow, in 2018, Gluckstein Lawyers was among the first law firms in Canada to implement Filevine, a cloud-based customizable file management software platform with enhanced security measures. 

It provides the law firm with access to all cases and documents, allowing lawyers to stay ahead of deadlines, move files forward, and facilitate communication with clients, other lawyers, insurers, healthcare providers, and legal support services. 

Charles Gluckstein has made the most from emerging technology, integrating other cloud-based software programs into Filevine, including MedChart, Tracument, and VineSign, to create a seamless work process. Such integrated technologies increase firm productivity and allow more time to connect with clients and build better cases. 

Gluckstein Lawyers continue to implement innovative ideas to serve clients and the broader legal community better. In June 2020, Gluckstein Lawyers launched Butter Torts: A Truly Legal Canadian Podcast, which explores different areas of expertise, bringing important focus to community organizations and causes, in addition to being CPD-accredited for its legal content. Gluckstein hosted Risky Business in the fall, a CPD-accredited Medical Malpractice Conference seen by a national audience through Zoom. 

The firm also began working with Brock University to create and implement a client-based iOS and Android app, launching 2021. The app will provide clients with up-to-date information about the firm, events, and resources at their fingertips.

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