Spiegel Sohmer

Spiegel Sohmer

As one of Quebec’s most innovative firms, Spiegel Sohmer is called upon to lead prominent and influential matters in multiple industries, resulting in unrivalled experience. The last year has been one of the busiest in the history of the firm. 

In an unprecedented year, their commercial department played an integral role in shepherding clients through an array of legal challenges participated by the global pandemic. Their commercial attorneys also identified numerous opportunities and assisted our privately-owned, owner-managed businesses in identifying and completing strategic acquisitions, mergers and restructurings — both locally and internationally — in several key sectors including food services, industrial real estate and technology, as well as sourcing and manufacturing personal protective equipment. 

In addition, Spiegel Sohmer advised on numerous leading taxation law matters, including planning for comprehensive reorganizations incorporating new Canadian operating subsidiaries, complex restructuring of share ownership and transfer of operational assets. 

Moreover, Spiegel Sohmer successfully obtained leave to appeal on two separate decisions rendered by Justices of the Commercial Division of the Superior Court, in a rare Court of Appeal judgment dealing with the interpretation of article 32 of the Quebec Code of Civil Procedure.

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