Attieha R. Chamaa

Attieha R. Chamaa

Attieha R. Chamaa
Senior Counsel
Clyde & Co

Attieha is a passionate lawyer who expertly handles complex, technical construction litigation, professional liability and financial risk cases. As a person of diversity herself, Attieha is committed to ensuring advancements in diversity and inclusion within the legal community. She frequently participates in discussions with undergraduate law students at various universities about diversity within the legal community, to stimulate an open dialogue. 

Attieha is often called upon to act in alternative dispute resolution matters given her real passion for negotiation. Attieha believes that the best outcome to matters is the solution developed by the clients and not one imposed by a decision. Therefore, she aims to use her negotiation skills through alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve matters out of court. Cases where she has pleaded before the courts have all been successful for Clyde & Co’s clients. 

Attieha enjoys sharing her vast experience by acting as a mentor to young lawyers. She has an inclusive management approach and firmly believes that the contribution of her colleagues is vital to a successful case. She is very attentive to her mentees and makes it her mission to engage with them regularly. Her role as a mentor includes anything from encouraging motivation and sharing her knowledge, to ensuring that her mentees perform well. Attieha’s moto is that building professional cohesion is paramount to a productive team as well as an enjoyable career in the legal profession. 

“We only have one life, so you really have to be passionate about our profession,” she says. “Then the work is not work, it’s fun — and that’s what makes the difference.” 


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