Natalie E. Levine

Natalie E. Levine

Natalie E. Levine
Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

Natalie Levine has quickly established herself as one of the leading cross-border restructuring lawyers in Canada. After starting her legal career in the United States, Natalie moved to Canada in 2012 and is now retained to serve as counsel on many of the country’s largest and most complex restructurings.

Natalie’s greatest strength is her understanding of the parallels and differences between restructuring terms, laws, decisions, processes and organizations in Canada and the United States. She puts this understanding to good use for her clients. For practitioners used to one insolvency system or the other, the differences between them can quickly become obstacles. Natalie’s fluency in both systems allows her to navigate both equally effectively and successfully maneuver around these obstacles.

Synchronizing the efforts and work of multiple players is heightened in Natalie’s practice, owing to the fact that so much of her work is cross-border in nature. This has required Natalie to refine her quarterbacking skills to manage large teams on complex restructuring and litigation files — and her ability to do so is well-respected. Most importantly, Natalie sets a powerful example for our younger associates.

Note her colleagues: “Natalie’s ability to provide advice on cross-border matters, utilizing her years of US expertise, is unmatched. Her ability to draw on her past practice in the US and blend it with her knowledge of the Canadian legal landscape sets her far apart from her peers on large complex restructuring files.”


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