2158436 Ontario Limited Acquires Teknion Corporation

On February 27, 2008, 2158436 Ontario Limited (“2158436”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of A-Tean HoldingsLimited, the controlling shareholder of Teknion Corporation (“Teknion”), acquired 24,180,981 subordinate voting shares of Teknion, which it and its affiliated entities did not already own, for a price of $3.15 cash per share, by way of statutory Plan of Arrangement for $76.2 million.

Together with A-Tean and its affiliated entities, 2158436 and its affiliates currently own all of Teknion's issued and outstanding shares. Teknion manufactures office furniture and systems and is based out of Toronto, Ontario, with offices and facilities located in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the Pacific Rim.

A-Tean was represented by Goodmans LLP with a team that included Lawrence Chernin, Allan Goodman and Caroline Cook (corporate), Tom Friedland and Lauren Butti (litigation), and Mitch Sherman (tax).

The Special Committee of Teknion Corporation was represented by Barry Reiter and Robert Fabes of Bennett Jones LLP. Teknion Corporation was represented by Torys LLP with a team that included Matthew Cockburn, Rima Ramchandani and Carol McFadzean (corporate), and Andrew Gray (litigation).


Andrew D. Gray Mitchell J. Sherman Rima Ramchandani Lawrence S. Chernin Barry J. Reiter Matthew Cockburn Lauren Butti Thomas A. Friedland Caroline Cook Allan J. Goodman Robert M. Fabes