Aastra Acquires PBX Business

Toronto-based Aastra Technologies Ltd., acquired the PBX division of Ascom Holdings AG, a public Swiss company, for an undisclosed amount. The deal closed on September 1, 2003. This private branch exchange telephone business has over five hundred employees in 14 European countries, and generated sales of approximately $150 million in 2002.

Aastra was represented by in-house counsel John Tobia; and by George Takach, Lori Anne Heckbert and Elke Rubach of McCarthy T├ętrault LLP, together with local counsel in 14 European countries.
Ascom was represented by in-house counsel Markus Zimmerman; and by Neil Robertson, Guy Norfolk and Pierre Grenier of Sokolow, Dunaud, Mercadier & Carreras in Paris, as well as local counsel elsewhere in Europe.


Elke Rubach George S. Takach


McCarthy Tétrault LLP Sokolow, Dunaud, Mercadier & Carreras, LLP