AIM SOP Phase I Completes $75 Million Financing of Wind Farm Projects

On June 27, 2008, AIM SOP Phase I LP completed the $75,000,000 financing of the Frogmore, Cultus, Mohawk and Clear Creek Wind Farm Projects (the Projects). The projects are part of the Ontario Standard Offer Program and together comprise 39.6 MW of capacity. Frogmore and Cultus Wind Farm Projects were operational at the end of June 2008. Mohawk and Clear Creek Wind Farm Projects are scheduled to be operational in early August and September, respectively. The projects were developed by AIM PowerGen Corporation, a prominent Canadian wind power developer.

The financing for the projects is a $75,000,000 project loan provided by Fortis Merchant Banking.

AIM SOP Phase I LP and AIM were represented by Ogilvy Renault LLP on all stages of the development and financing of the projects with a team comprised of Valerie Helbronner (energy and finance), Andrew Pritchard (real estate and finance), Richard King (environmental and regulatory), Mary Kelly and Ciprian Gligor (finance), Geoff Walker and Janice Vohrah (tax), Jennifer Tuer (energy and regulatory) and Nellie Taylor (real estate).

Fortis Merchant Banking was represented by Torys LLP with a team comprised of Jonathan Weisz (energy and finance), Tom Zverina (energy and finance), Don Roger (real estate), Graham Rawlinson (real estate), Michael Fortier (environmental), Ashley Nichol (energy and finance), Sunny Sodhi (energy and finance), Bela Halasz (energy and finance) and Gwen Johnson (real estate).


Janice Vohrah Richard J. King Michael J. Fortier Jennifer Tuer Tom Zverina H. Graham Rawlinson Bela Halasz Jonathan B. Weisz Geoffrey Walker Sanjit S. Sodhi Andrew Pritchard Ciprian Gligor Mary E. Kelly