AspenTech Acquires Hyprotech

Cambridge, Massachusetts-headquartered Aspen Technology, Inc. (AspenTech), acquired Calgary-based Hyprotech Ltd. from AEA Technology plc for approximately $150 million. The transaction closed on May 30, 2002.

AspenTech was represented in Canada by Stikeman Elliott, with a team consisting of John Leopold, Michel Gélinas, Howard Liebman and Dean Burns (corporate), Robert Hogan and Marie-Andrée Beaudry (tax), Paul Collins and Sandy Walker (regulatory), Hélène Bussières (employment), Michel Legendre (pensions and benefits) and Jean Carrier (environment); and by Hale and Dorr in the U.S., with a team that included Mark Johnson, Sumit Chakravorty, Peter Gillin and Joel Kemp (corporate), William Caporizzo (tax), Wendy Terry (regulatory) and Jorge Contreras, Jr. (intellectual property); and assisted by Richard Eaton (corporate) and Simon Court and James Hill (tax) of Brobeck Hale and Dorr in the U.K.

AEA Technology and Hyprotech were represented by Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, with a team consisting of John Macfarlane and Andrea Whyte (corporate), Donald Watkins, Greg Wylie and Nancy Diep (tax), Sherri Fountain (real property), Kelly Moffatt (intellectual property), Evan Howard (pensions) and Damian Rigolo (employment), and by Robin Johnson and Paul Johnson (corporate) and David Jervis (corporate/tax) of Eversheds in the U.K.


Nancy Diep Sandra L. Walker David Jervis P. Dean Burns John H. Macfarlane James Hill Robin Johnson Michel Gélinas Howard Liebman Kelly L. Moffatt Andrea Whyte Richard Eaton Paul Collins Gregory R. Wylie A. William Caporizzo Michel Legendre Damian J. Rigolo Marie-Andrée Beaudry Sherri L. Fountain John W. Leopold Jean Carrier Evan Howard Wendy Anderson Terry Hélène Bussières Diane C. Alguire