Investment Management Corporation of Ontario launches Canadian Public Equity Pool

On Nov. 13, the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (“IMCO”) announced the successful launch of its Canadian Public Equity Pool, IMCO’s first structured pool of assets for its clients, with approximately $3.5 billion in assets. 

The IMCO Canadian Public Equity Pool is a major milestone in advancing IMCO’s mandate of providing public sector institutions with access to world-class, multi-strategy investment management services in a cost-effective manner. This has been a giant step forward for IMCO as an organization.

Stikeman Elliott LLP acted for the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario with a team of lawyers composed of
Vince Imerti,
Philip Henderson,
Ramandeep Grewal,
J.B. Elliott,
Amy Chao,
Nick Badeen,
Victor MacDiarmid,
Alex Tashos,
Chris Lofft (corporate);
Natasha vandenHoven,
Alyson Frankie,
Tia Eisner (pensions and benefits);
Jean-Guillaume Shooner,
John O'Connor,
Sarah Visentin (tax);
Grace Walker (corporate clerk).

See the press release here.