Montréal Expos

On December 9, 1999 Montréal’s Major League Baseball team, the Montréal Expos, completed the redemption of Mr. Claude Brochu’s interest as General Partner and Control Person. Mr. Jeffrey H. Loria became the new General Partner and Control Person as well as a significant limited partner together with Brontera International Corporation (Stephen Bronfman), Loblaws Inc. and The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. The closing marked the first step in the relaunching of the Montréal Expos and will be followed in the Spring by a second phase closing involving the injection of additional equity as well as arrangements for the financing of a $200 million new stadium in downtown Montréal.

Desjardins Ducharme Stein Monast represented the Montréal Expos and all of the continuing limited partners including Nesbitt Burns, the Desjardins Credit Unions, Provigo Inc., Fonds de solidarité des travailleurs du Québec, BCE Inc. and Canadian Pacific Limited: The DDSM team was led by Gérard Coulombe, Q.C. and comprised Marc A. Léonard, Daniel Majeau, Marc Beauchemin, Christian Drapeau, Martin Rolland and Patrick Théorêt. Mr. Brochu was represented by Pierre-André Themens of Goodman Phillips & Vineberg. Robert Vineberg of Goodman Phillips & Vineberg represented Stephen Bronfman with tax matters for all concerned parties being handled by Gary Gartner, Mark Brender and Robert Raizenne from GPV’s New York and Montreal offices. Robert Dupay of the Office of the Baseball Commissioner in New York represented Major League Baseball. Jeffrey Loria was represented by Ira Akselrad and Wayne D. Katz of Proskauer Rose, LLP, New York.


Ira Akselrad Pierre-André Themens Marc Beauchemin Gary J. Gartner Daniel Majeau Martin Rolland Mark D. Brender Marc A. Léonard Christian Drapeau Wayne D. Katz Robert S. Vineberg Robert Raizenne Patrick Théorêt


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