National Bank- First Marathon

National Bank of Canada and First Marathon Inc. have agreed to a proposed plan of arrangement whereby National Bank would acquire all the shares of First Marathon for approximately $712 million. The plan of arrangement was submitted to shareholders at a First Marathon Shareholders meeting held in August at which 99. 9% of the shareholders voted in favour of the merger. Throughout the lengthy negotiations leading to the merger, National Bank was represented by Tory Tory DesLauriers & Binnington and First Marathon by Fogler, Rubinoff. The Torys team included Peter Jewett, James Turner, Kathleen Keller-Hobson, Krista Hill, Karrin Powys-Lybbe, Fern Glowinsky, Michael Pickerskill, John Unger, Christina Medland, Peter Fritze, Beverley Liske, and Raymond Archer. The Foglers team included Lloyd Fogler, Q. C. , Lorie Haber, Irwin Greenblatt, Monique Rabideau, Gary Litwack, Avi Greenspoon, Dale Denis, and Eric Roblin.


S. Dale Denis Lawrence P. Haber Christina H. Medland Scott E. Pilkey Kathleen L. Keller-Hobson Michael T. Pickersgill Eric R. Roblin Gary M. Litwack Peter E.S. Jewett Peter K. Fritze James E.A. Turner Krista F. Hill Fern T. Glowinsky Irwin Greenblatt Lloyd S. D. Fogler Karrin A. Powys-Lybbe Beverley Liske Monique T. Rabideau John Unger


Torys LLP Fogler, Rubinoff LLP