Osmington and CPP Complete Financing

Toronto-based Osmington Inc., in partnership with CPP Investment Board Real Estate Holdings Inc. completed arrangements with Royal Bank of Canada on January 8, 2003, providing for $190 million in bridge financing to facilitate the purchase by five subsidiaries of Osmington and the board of five Ontario shopping centres.

Osmington was represented by Morty Gross, Q.C., Noella Milne, Katrina Myers and Jenette Boycott of Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. The board was represented by Gordon Sato (real property) and Nigel Johnston and Steven Baum (tax) of McCarthy T├ętrault LLP. The bank was represented by Michael Matheson, Norman Lieff, Sandra Nissan, Troy Ungerman and Adam Walsh of Ogilvy Renault.


Gordon S. Sato Jenette E. Boycott Katrina M. Myers Michael D. Matheson Noella M. Milne Adam Walsh Morton G. Gross Nigel P.J. Johnston Troy Ungerman Sandra Nissan Steven C.C. Baum