Quebecor Printing Contract

Quebecor World Inc. announced on September 7, 2000 the signing of a 10-year agreement with Editora Abril S.A. of Brazil to print 83 million magazines per year. The contract covers 18 titles including VEJA, the world’s fourth largest news magazine. The projected value of the contract over ten years exceeds US$170 million, excluding paper.

To produce these volumes, Quebecor World will construct a new printing facility in an industrial park near Recife, Brazil’s fourth largest city. Total planned investments of over US$16.5 million will be made by Quebecor World in a leased plant of 173,000 square feet.

Representing Quebecor World were Luis Ordóñez of Zabaleta & Ordóñez in Buenos Aires, Argentina, André Schivartche of Schivartche Advogados in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Miguel Manzano of Ogilvy Renault in Montreal. Editora Abril was represented by its in-house counsel José Geraldo Antonio Barros.