Tm Bioscience and Luminex Enter Strategic Partnership

In a deal announced April 2, 2001, Tm Bioscience Corporation licensed two key components of its microarray technology to Luminex Corporation. Luminex plans to combine these technologies with its LabMAP system, which will provide an accurate and economical platform for genomic analyses. Tm also entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with Luminex, in which Luminex granted Tm rights to develop and market diagnostic products based on Luminex’s LabMAP technology.

Leading the deal in-house at Luminex was Mike Bengston, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel. Dr. Gilberto M. Villacorta of Pepper Hamilton LLP in Washington, DC, acted as external counsel. Acting for Tm were Wendy Gross, Sherri Kreisman, Ron Bouchard and Randy MacEwen of Torys.


Gilberto M. Villacorta Sherri Baker Karen Larocque Wendy J. Gross