Transcontinental Acquires CC3 Assets

Transcontinental Inc. acquired the assets of CC3 Acquisition LLC and its wholly owned subsidiary, Pacific Communications Concepts LLC, on December 17, 2003, for $133 million plus 350,000 Transcontinental warrants with an exercise price of $19.91 per share, for a total issue price of approximately $7 million.

Transcontinental was represented in-house by Dany Meloul, director, legal; and assisted in Canada by Stikeman Elliott LLP, with a team that included Sidney Horn, Serge Tousignant, Gayle Noble, Claire Zikovsky and Stacey Herman (corporate), Frédéric Harvey (tax) and Louis Morisset (securities); and in the US by Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP in Philadelphia, with a team that included Richard Aldridge and Larry Dubinski (corporate), William Zimmerman (tax), Alan Singer (securities), John McAleese, III (environment), Mims Maynard Zabriskie and Kimberly Gost (employment) and JJ Broderick and Tracy Steele (real estate).

CC3 was represented in the US by Edwards & Angell LLP in Providence, with a team that included David Duffell, Michael Newquist, William Kitsilis and Ragan Ferraro (corporate); and assisted in Canada by Goodmans LLP, with a team that included Stephen Halperin and Michael Partridge (securities).


Richard Aldridge Serge Tousignant Gayle Noble Claire Zikovsky Kimberly Gost Michael Newquist Alan Singer William Kitsilis Larry Dubinski Stacey Herman John McAleese, III Stephen H. Halperin John J. Broderick Christina L. Ongoma Ragan Ferraro Sidney M. Horn William Zimmerman Frédéric Harvey Michael Partridge David Duffel Tracy Steele Mims Maynard Zabriskie Louis Morisset


Stikeman Elliott LLP Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP Goodmans LLP