Finding success in unconventional places – with Dave Stern of Blaney McMurtry LLP

Uncover Stern's innovative and unique approaches to success in sports and entertainment law
Finding success in unconventional places – with Dave Stern of Blaney McMurtry LLP

In this edition of Lexpert TV, we sat down with Dave Stern, partner at Blaney McMurtry LLP, and winner of this year's Lexpert Rising Star Award. Stern shared insights into his tenacious and unconventional approach to launching his career in the world of sports and entertainment law.

Stern’s unconventional path proves that there is no one way to succeed. From cold calling sports teams, to taking on sales roles, Stern’s fearless approach to launching his career has been one of persistence and dedication. Stern highlighted the need for building genuine connections with clients as well as deep industry knowledge and industry specific expertise to find success.

Reflecting on his choice to join Blaney McMurtry LLP, Stern expressed gratitude for the unique opportunities the firm provided. As a large firm with a regional focus, Blaney McMurtry LLP offered the perfect balance for Stern, providing ample resources while allowing him to maintain control over his practice. When asked about his position at Blaney McMurtry LLP, Stern noted:

"It's been the perfect firm, it's extremely entrepreneurial. And they trust me to go out and create this department and build this department."

Looking ahead, Stern remains committed to growing his practice, solidifying his reputation, and becoming a leader in his field. When asked about his goals for the future, Stern noted:

"My goal would be to continue to build it as much as I can and to kind of have that place among the elites in terms of sports entertainment, both nationally and internationally."

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