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Longo Lawyers

Longo Lawyers is a prominent litigation law firm passionate about what we do. We take a practical and principled approach with each and every file we handle, which means that we don’t back down and we address potential challenges head-on. We have the requisite legal skills and staff to ensure that every file is handled with care. When we take on a file, we commit to spending the necessary time and expense to developing that client’s case. We explore every possible avenue to ensure that our clients receive the compensation that they deserve. Our reputation within the industry is such that opposing counsel know that we are ready, willing and more than capable of taking a case to trial or arbitration, whenever necessary. That is what distinguishes our firm from others. Our resolve and commitment to the client’s case also assists greatly in negotiating settlements before trial or a hearing. When a lawyer is prepared and willing to litigate the case, most often the other side will make their best offers if they want to avoid litigation. While we are passionate about litigation, we are more passionate about a client’s care, recovery and dignity. We pride ourselves on developing close relationships with our clients so that we can provide each and every client with a personal touch and guidance throughout the litigation process. Our role begins with obtaining clients the best private medical care and rehabilitation available to foster the best possible recovery.  

Practice Areas 

At Longo Lawyers, we regularly handle complex legal cases. Our primary area of practice is serious personal injury. We are hired frequently by other injury law firms to represent their clients as lead counsel. We specialize in: 

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents 

  • Slip & Falls 

  • Brain Injury 

  • Wrongful Death 

  • Spinal Cord Injuries 

  • Long Term Disability 

  • Product Liability 

  • Employment 

  • Professional Negligence  

  • Commercial Litigation 



Longo Lawyers is based in Midtown Toronto, however we serve clients throughout all of Ontario including Vaughan, Niagara, Barrie, Thunder Bay, Ottawa, London and Sudbury. Our lawyers travel throughout the province serving clients that have been seriously injured. Please contact us at our toll-free number 1-844-800-4232 for a free initial consultation. 


At Longo Lawyers, we recognize that our clients cannot afford to pay legal fees after an accident. Our mandate is to provide our clients with excellent legal representation and access to justice in a caring and compassionate way. You will not have to pay our legal fees until we recover for you.  


Fabio Longo, Owner & Lawyer 

Frank N. Del Giudice, Lawyer 

Bryan Fromstein, Lawyer 

Shane Henry, Lawyer 

Shen Subramaniam, Lawyer 

Laura Giuliana, Lawyer 

Kristy Kerwin, Lawyer 

James Armstrong, Lawyer 

Vince Angelillo, Lawyer 

Keaghan Hepp, Lawyer 

Angel Leung, Lawyer 

Vlad Lynsaght, Lawyer 

Dino Ranchan Pius, Lawyer 


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