Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP

Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP

Thornton Grout Finnigan LLP (“TGF”) is a Canadian law firm with an office located in the financial district of Toronto, Ontario, with a focus in two areas: (i) commercial litigation, and (ii) insolvency and restructuring. TGF was founded in a spirit of innovation with a view to providing a more focused and efficient vehicle for delivering legal services to sophisticated clients. TGF is a mix of senior litigation and restructuring lawyers with a full range of experience gained by years of practice, both inside and outside major full service law firms, combined with talented and energetic younger lawyers who thrive in the entrepreneurial environment of a specialty firm.

TGF is widely recognized for its leading national and international restructuring and litigation practice. The firm’s reputation and expertise is reflected in the series of high profile retainers it has enjoyed over the years and its wide range of clients, including financial institutions, regulatory agencies, publicly traded and private companies and officers and directors. TGF delivers practical, business- oriented advice in a dynamic and time sensitive environment. Its mandates reflect TGF’s unique position in the delivery of the highest quality restructuring and litigation services to clients in a specialized market.

The TGF Restructuring Groupapplies its deep experience in restructuring to finding creative and business-oriented solutions that have led to strong, long-lasting relationships with its clients. TGF lawyers have been involved in almost every major insolvency proceeding within this jurisdiction over the last 25 years, covering virtually every business sector.

The TGF Litigation Group has arrived at the top of the commercial litigation bar by focusing on representing parties involved in complex commercial disputes. TGF litigators have extensive arbitration, trial and appellate experience and are creative, strategic and forceful in their approach to resolving and litigating complicated business disputes.

TGF has ongoing relationships with tax, corporate, real estate, construction, pension/employment and securities lawyers within Canada and in a number of jurisdictions worldwide who are utilized on a regular and reciprocal basis. The quality of these relationships and the flexibility of a highly-focused firm allows TGF to build a team on a case-by-case basis with people who are considered to be the most experienced and appropriate to retain as part of the team, subject always to the client’s prior approval.

The recognition of TGF’s skill and experience is reflected in the leadership roles that TGF lawyers hold in national and international legal organizations, including the Insolvency Institute of Canada, International Insolvency Institute, IWIRC, and Turnaround Management Association. Lawyers at TGF include winners of prestigious legal writing awards, editors and contributing editors of professional publications and sessional instructors in the faculties of law at three Ontario law schools. 


Litigation: John Finnigan, Scott McGrath, Deborah Palter, Daniel Schwartz

Restructuring: Rebecca Kennedy, D.J. Miller, Grant Moffat, Robert Thornton, Leanne Williams

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