Woods LLP

Woods LLP

Woods LLP is the foremost litigation, arbitration and insolvency firm in Canada, recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise and success. The firm acts in all manner of disputes where the stakes are high and the outcome is of vital importance to its clients and their businesses. Its team of formidable attorneys—multilingual, trained in the civil law and common law, dedicated to understanding its clients’ interests and devoted to successful advocacy—is known for its winning strategies and concrete results in high-stakes disputes.

It is proud of the reputation for having the talent and drive to handle even the largest and most complex disputes, while remaining at all times highly flexible, responsive and efficient. The practice reflects the breadth and diversity of disputes that arise in the business world. It acts for public and private companies, individuals and governments in all manner of corporate and commercial litigation, before all levels of courts and tribunals in Canada, including in disputes relating to corporate liability and governance, directors’ and officers’ liability, shareholders’ or other stakeholders’ disputes, public-private partnerships, securities litigation, class actions and generally in matters concerning the interpretation and performance of complex commercial agreements.

The firm also boasts an important practice in insolvency, employment law and defamation, as well as one of Canada’s only full-time international arbitration practices, representing clients and serving as arbitrators in international commercial and investment disputes.

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