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Aird & Berlis LLP is a leading Canadian law firm based in Toronto, serving clients across Canada and globally. The firm’s diverse client base ranges from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations.

Our principal areas of practice are as follows:

Banking & Finance: (Contact: Aaron T. Collins (416) 865-3412). We represent some of the largest and most prominent bank, non-bank lenders and other finance companies in Canada and abroad. We structure and implement all types of financing transactions, including syndications, secured transactions, asset-based lending, multi-currency loans, multi-jurisdictional transactions, securitisations, equipment leases, bullion loans, project and trade financing, acquisition financing, venture capital financing and infrastructure privatisation financing.

Corporate/Commercial: (Contact: Cecilia M. Moffat (416) 865-7782). We provide comprehensive services to public and private corporations, partnerships and trusts relating to corporate governance issues; negotiation and structuring of business transactions; establishing domestic and international franchises, licensing arrangements, distributorships and joint ventures; and arrangements for the commercial exploitation and use of technology. We also address competition issues along with restrictive trade practices.

Corporate/M&A: (Contact: Thomas A. Fenton (416) 865-4631 or Martin E. Kovnats (416) 865-3419). We have expertise in all aspects of domestic and international public and private debt and equity financings; fund formation; rights offerings; take-over bids; reorganizations; mergers, acquisitions and divestiture transactions, including leveraged buyouts, management buyouts and ‘going private’ transactions; securities regulatory compliance; independent committee representation; proxy battles; periodic and continuous disclosure and corporate governance.

Energy: (Contact: Fred D. Cass (416) 865-7742, Ron W. Clark (416) 865-7701 or Dennis M. O’Leary (416) 865-4711). We advise domestic and international clients on generation, cogeneration, district energy, electricity and gas distribution, geothermal and geo-exchange, conservation and demand management, emissions trading, power transmission, smart meters, financing, corporate structures, joint ventures, outsourcing and mergers & acquisitions. Our clients include producers, brokers, industrial users, utilities, developers, governments and lenders.

Environmental: (Contact: Dennis M. O’Leary (416) 865-4711 or Scott Stoll (416) 865-4703). We counsel private and public sector clients on all areas of environmental law, including corporate transactions, brownfields redevelopment, defence of environmental prosecutions and other litigation, inspections/investigations and environmental SWAT response, project management and strategic environmental advice, environmental assessments and regulatory intervention training.

Infrastructure: (Contact: Douglas J.S. Younger (416) 865-4140 or Heidi Visser (416) 865-4141). We provide strategic advice on the structuring, procurement, negotiation and financing of a wide range of complex infrastructure projects, including public-private partnerships (P3s). We have extensive experience advising private and public sector clients, including municipalities, government and independent agencies, gas and electricity utilities, waste services companies, hospitals and others.

Insolvency & Restructuring: (Contact: Aaron T. Collins (416) 865-3412). We assist clients in receiverships, bankruptcies, proposals, reorganizations, restructurings, workouts, enforcements and liquidations. Our clients include financial institutions, debtors, trade creditors, debtor-in-possession lenders, liquidators, receivers and trustees. Our lawyers act in the bankruptcy and commercial courts and develop litigation strategies to enhance recoveries or minimize the effect of insolvency upon the interests of stakeholders.

Intellectual Property: (Contact: Timothy M. Lowman (416) 865-7715, R. Grant Cansfield (416) 865-7741 or Ken Clark (416) 865-4736). We assist clients in acquiring, protecting, enforcing, defending and exploiting their intellectual property rights on a national and international basis. Our professionals advise on all types of IP matters, including trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, domain names, patents and industrial designs.

Labour and Employment: (Contact: Lorenzo Lisi (416) 865-7722). We provide advice and representation to employers on a broad range of labour and employment law matters such as wrongful dismissal, employment contracts, fiduciary duties, unfair competition, restrictive covenants, interlocutory injunctions and employee issues arising in commercial transactions. We also regularly represent employers in labour arbitrations and before various labour and employment-related tribunals.

Litigation: (Contact: Paul V. McCallen (416) 865-7723). We act in all forms of litigation, including mediation and alternative dispute resolution, trials, appeals, arbitration panels and administrative tribunals. Our litigators have a wealth of experience in efficiently and aggressively representing clients involved in business disputes of all types. We provide specialized representation before federal and provincial tribunals, including: the Ontario Energy Board, the Ontario Securities Commission, the Competition Tribunal, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Human Rights Commission and the Ontario Municipal Board, as well as the Federal Court of Canada, Federal Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mining: (Contact: Thomas A. Fenton (416) 865-4631 or Martin E. Kovnats (416) 865-3419). We are committed to opening doors in Canada for mining clients domestically and from all parts of the world. Our multidisciplinary team provides comprehensive and strategic legal services to various participants in the mining industry, including Canadian and international issuers of equity and debt, underwriters, promoters, financial advisors, investors (equity and debt) and project financiers. We are experienced in advising on the legal needs for capital markets, project finance for the development of mining properties, the acquisition and disposition of mining properties, as well as regulatory and other general corporate matters.

Municipal and Land Use Planning: (Contact: Tom Halinski (416) 865-7767). Our highly-recognized team acts on behalf of landowners, developers, municipalities, housing providers and various public interest groups. We represent clients before the courts and various tribunals dealing with land use, such as the Ontario Municipal Board. As well, we appear regularly before local and regional councils, land division committees and committees of adjustment. When representing municipalities, we cover all municipal law matters, including restructuring and municipal finance, and assist with bylaw drafting and the negotiation of numerous types of agreements and documents.

Occupational Health and Safety: (Contact: Cynthia R.C. Sefton (416) 865-4730). We are well-versed in Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and work with clients in various industries to create solutions that achieve legislative compliance and manage risks. Our team provides comprehensive and strategic counsel with respect to OHSA compliance; workplace audits; policies and procedures; training for senior executives, managers and supervisors; health and safety inspections; critical injuries and fatalities; occupational health and safety violations; and implementing and improving occupational health and safety programs.

Real Estate: (Contact: Monty Warsh (416) 865-4626). A recognized leader in Canada, we have extensive experience representing clients involved in the development, construction and management of office buildings, hotels, residential and commercial condominiums, residential rental projects, retirement homes and shopping centres. We regularly guide clients through acquisitions and divestitures, financings, land development, joint ventures, syndications, reorganizations, financial workouts, construction projects, leasing, infrastructure planning and procurement.

Tax: (Contact: Jack Bernstein (416) 865-7766, David Malach (416) 865-7702 or Barbara J. Worndl (416) 865-7754). We are highly regarded on a national and international basis for protecting our clients’ assets through domestic and international tax planning, structuring business transactions and litigating tax disputes before the Ontario Superior Court, the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal. We are well recognized for the innovative planning techniques we have developed and apply through the creative use of corporations, partnerships, trusts, joint ventures and other vehicles.

Technology: (Contact: Paige Backman (416) 865-7700, Donald B. Johnston (416) 865-3072 or David Takenaka (416) 865-3439). We focus on supporting emerging and established technology companies, non-technology companies that have technology opportunities, and companies that use technology in their course of business. Our professionals advise clients in the areas of information technology, biotech, commercial agreements, Internet strategy, privacy and information management, data security, licensing and employee-related technology matters.

Transportation: (Contact: Joanne C. Coldwell (416) 865-4642, Joel M. Rose, QC (416) 865-3408 or Sanj Sood (416) 865-3083). We provide transportation industry participants with a wide range of legal services. We are a recognized leader in the area of transportation regulation and routinely assist clients with licensing and suspension, safety and compliance, NAFTA and customs, bonding regulation and cabotage. Our regulatory expertise also extends to competition and foreign investment matters affecting transportation concerns.

Trusts and Estates: (Contact: Rachel L. Blumenfeld (416) 865-3413, Ed Esposto (416) 865-7786, Clare A. Sullivan (416) 865-3415 or Melanie Yach (416) 865-7770). We provide comprehensive estate and trust services, specifically in the areas of estate and succession planning, cross-border planning, estate and trust administration, trust and estate litigation, charity law and related areas of tax law. Our clients include business owners and their families; executors and trustees; persons with foreign citizenship or immigrating to or emigrating from Canada; beneficiaries of trusts and estates, including non-resident beneficiaries; professional fiduciaries, including banks and trust companies; and charitable foundations and organizations.

Wealth Management and Succession Planning: (Contact: Jack Bernstein (416) 865-7766, Stuart Bollefer (416) 865-3079 or David Malach (416) 865-7702). We provide a full range of services to high-net-worth individuals, chartered accountants, financial planners and charitable organizations. Our tax and estate planning lawyers work closely to develop strategies which effectively build and preserve wealth while minimizing tax. Our planning strategies include traditional approaches such as estate freezes, income-splitting arrangements and innovative domestic trust structures, but may also include proprietary planning designed to meet specific needs.


181 Bay St, Suite 1800, Box 754, Brookfield Pl
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5J 2T9
Phone: (416) 863-1500
Fax: (416) 863-1515

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