Koskie Minsky LLP
Koskie Minsky LLP

Koskie Minsky LLP is a firm of skilled counsel advising clients in the areas of civil litigation, union side labour law, pensions and benefits and class actions. We are recognized by Lexpert® and other organizations as among leading counsel in Canada in our areas of expertise and among the highest ranked in the fields of labour, pension and employment law in the Greater Toronto area. Most of our 22 partners are ranked as recommended practitioners in the Lexpert® and Best Lawyers directories, for such areas as labour and employment law, construction labour relations, pension and benefits, class action litigation, professional liability, construction law and workers compensation. They are supported by a very capable team of skilled associates, paralegals and top law students. We are located in Toronto and appear before courts, tribunals and arbitrators across Canada. Our clients include pension funds, trade unions, boards and commissions, insurers, corporations and non-profit groups, as well as individuals seeking access to courts and tribunals. Our lawyers are regularly involved in complex, high profile litigation and we provide the technical, research and staffing resources required to handle these cases.

For more information regarding our practice areas please contact any of our 15 partners ranked in this Directory, as well as any of our partners or counsel listed below.

Labour Law:                 E-mail   Telephone                
Craig Flood [email protected] (416) 595-2105
Laurie Kent* [email protected] (416) 595-2708
Alan Minsky, QC [email protected] (416) 595-2121
Ernie Schirru** [email protected] (416) 595-2142
Stephen Wahl [email protected] (416) 595-2060
Pension and Benefits Law:  
Murray Gold [email protected] (416) 595-2085
Andrew Hatnay [email protected] (416) 595-2083
Michael Mazzuca*** [email protected] (416) 595-2101
James Harnum [email protected]  (416) 542-6285
Roberto Tomassini [email protected] (416) 595- 2116
Mark Zigler [email protected] (416) 595-2090
Pension and Investments Law:  
George Dzuro* [email protected] (416) 595-2078
Civil Litigation:    
Jeffrey A. Armel  [email protected] (416) 595-2069
Al Esterbauer  [email protected]  (416) 595-2110
Arleen Huggins [email protected] (416) 595-2115
Jeffrey Long [email protected] (416) 595-2125
Nancy Shapiro**  [email protected] (416) 595-2108
David Silver  [email protected]  (416) 595-2081 
Demetrios Yiokaris* [email protected] (416) 595-2130
Class Action Litigation:  
Kirk Baert [email protected] (416) 595-2117
Celeste Poltak [email protected] (416) 595-2701
Jonathan Ptak* [email protected] (416) 595-2149
David Rosenfeld** [email protected] (416) 595-2700
James Sayce [email protected] (416) 542-6298


*Department Coordinator
**Executive Committee Member
***Managing Partner

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Nortel Networks Corporation (Nortel Canada) is the Canadian parent company of what was one of the largest telecommunications businesses in the world. In early 2009, formal insolvency proceedings were commenced in Canada, the United States and England, among other places. Nortel’s worldwide business was liquidated through a number of Court-approved sales of its business units and a US$4.5-billion sale of its residual patents, resulting in US$7.3 billion of global sale proceeds to be allocated amongst the Nortel debtor companies in Canada, the United States and Europe.
On June 30, 2017, Stelco Inc. (Stelco), formerly U.S. Steel Canada Inc., emerged from Companies’ Creditors Arrangements Act (CCAA) proceedings through the implementation of a CCAA plan. This involved the compromise of more than $2 billion of debt and the restructuring of approximately $2 billion of pension and benefit obligations.
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