First Nations' interests guide the courts
Courts are paying more attention to indigenous rights, including effects of development, while First Nations are also defending their impact benefit agreements
Oct 08, 2021 Energy
There's reason for optimism in a crisis
Across the political spectrum, governments are developing more cohesive regimes and incentives to encourage the energy sector as it shifts to renewables
Sep 30, 2021 Energy
A shifting landscape in renewables
The global energy sector is being transformed through a drive toward clean energy, including commitments to net-zero emissions
Sep 30, 2021 Energy
Oil and gas in transition
The sector is on an uptick, yet still faces challenges to reduce carbon emissions and focus on ESG
Sep 30, 2021 Energy
Managing the Earth's 'code red'
A consensus is building that more action, accountability from government and corporations are needed
Sep 30, 2021 Energy
There has been much recent debate in Canada on the emerging Energy Transition.
Oct 27, 2020 Energy
Canada’s global leadership on energy
The energy sector in Canada is often covered in a very polarized manner
Oct 27, 2020 Energy