First Nations increasingly moving from accommodation to equity and shared ownership
On energy projects, courts are putting new spin on the duty to consult
Oct 05, 2022 Energy
Current high prices unlike past booms in oil and gas industry, say lawyers
Companies are using capital for purposes other than reinvestment in production
Oct 05, 2022 Energy
Energy sector working toward emissions reduction with renewables and new decarbonization methods
Federal government wants industry to bring emissions 42 percent below 2019 levels by 2030
Oct 05, 2022 Energy
Lawyers expect more jurisdictional disputes as Ottawa pursues emissions reduction
Courts recently assessed constitutionality of federal carbon pricing and Impact Assessment Act
Oct 05, 2022 Energy
Investing in energy's long term
The industry, through renewables, oil and gas, or everything in between, is stepping up to the plate
Oct 05, 2022 Energy
First Nations' interests guide the courts
Courts are paying more attention to indigenous rights, including effects of development, while First Nations are also defending their impact benefit agreements
Oct 08, 2021 Energy
There's reason for optimism in a crisis
Across the political spectrum, governments are developing more cohesive regimes and incentives to encourage the energy sector as it shifts to renewables
Sep 30, 2021 Energy