Ellis Don

The Supreme Court of Canada has reserved its judgment in the long-running Ellis Don case after a hearing which began on February 15, 2000. The case arose in 1992 when a panel of the Ontario Labour Relations Board changed a draft decision about bargaining rights following a meeting of the entire Board. The draft decision had been in favour of the employer Ellis Don, while the final decision found for the union. A former member of the Board showed the original draft decision to Ellis Don, who challenged the final decision, unsuccessfully, at the Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal. Ellis Don is represented before the Supreme Court by Earl Cherniak, Q.C., and Kirk F. Stevens of Lerner & Associates. Shelia R. Block and Andrew E. Bernstein from Torys are acting for the Board, and the union is being represented by Alan M. Minsky, Q.C., and Susan L. Philpott from Koskie, Minsky.


Kirk F. Stevens Alan M. Minsky Susan Philpott Sheila R. Block Earl A. Cherniak Andrew E. Bernstein