Miller Titerle + Company
Miller Titerle + Company

The bright minds working on the world’s most important challenges and interesting opportunities need more than a law firm. They need true partners and allies who understand the complexity of what they’re tackling, who can help build vision and strategy, and who bring a team of experts who get it and get them – that’s us.   

MT+Co. started in 2009 as a law firm based on the following principles: that a law firm can care about sharing values with clients and can boldly say their purpose is to help people do good things; that important law isn’t the sole purview of Big Law and that a focused team of passionate professionals can get you as far (or further) than the large national and international firms; that you are a client with a cause, not an invoice number; and that you should like your lawyer.   

Since then, the firm has worked exclusively with two types of clients: forward-thinking businesses and Indigenous organizations on the cutting edge of reconciliation. Our integrated teams support the game-changing work of clients by breaking down roadblocks and building roadmaps for the large and important opportunities they are chasing. From vision to strategy to execution, MT+Co. assembles a specialized team that gets the right things done. 

Our Core Teams 

Business Law Group 

Lead: David Allardice 

Mergers + Acquisitions Team 

Lead: David Allardice 

Indigenous Law Group 

Co-Leads: Tamara Napoleon / Tyson Lamarsh 

Litigation + Dispute Resolution Group  

Lead: Joelle Walker 

Workplace Law Group 

Lead: Lou Poskitt 

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