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One size does not fit all
Infrastructure projects are riddled with uncertainty. While innovative contracts and dispute resolution mechanisms can help lessen the risk, the approach must fit the circumstances
May 23, 2023 Infrastructure
Quick and dirty dispute resolution: Construction adjudication launching across Canada
Lawyers tell Lexpert about the first few years of prompt-payment construction adjudication
May 23, 2023 Infrastructure
Construction disputes trends: design-build P3 risk, dispute boards, settlement disclosure
Lawyers discuss risk allocation in design-build P3 models and other 2023 litigation developments
May 23, 2023 Infrastructure
Government priorities – Ottawa looks to green and clean, provinces focus on public transit and roads
Finding a way to achieve all these infrastructure objectives is key, say lawyers
May 23, 2023 Infrastructure
Infrastructure trends – cost and completion models evolving to reflect current realities
Inflation, pandemic, supply chain issues are changing attitudes about risk allocation
May 23, 2023 Infrastructure
Use of adjudication picks up as industry familiarity with Construction Act regime increases
Kaleigh Du Vernet, partner at Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP, says it's time to study adjudication
May 23, 2023 Legal insights
Employers face potential complications due to decriminalization of small amounts of drugs in BC
Even broader harm-reduction approach could be on the horizon, says Roper Greyell’s Mike Hamata
Jul 07, 2022 Infrastructure