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Governments look to infrastructure to build up economy and meet social goals
Policies reflect desire to address affordable housing, transportation needs, and climate change
May 13, 2024 Infrastructure
Infrastructure market shifting to collaborative contracting as demand meets macroeconomic headwinds
The move to progressive and collaborative procurement models continues
May 13, 2024 Infrastructure
Pricing and complexity driving disputes in infrastructure construction projects
Inflation and interest rates are driving unpredictability and pushing parties to pursue resolution
May 13, 2024 Infrastructure
Revamping dispute resolution in P3 projects
Paliare Roland lawyers call for simpler processes as projects move into critical maintenance phase
May 13, 2024 Infrastructure
Pallett Valo’s Anna Esposito was made for mediation
Resolving construction-related disputes via mediation a great alternative to litigation
May 13, 2024 Infrastructure
Navigating the golden age of infrastructure in Canada: Legal experts lead the way
Governments are broadening their policy goals, and new legal tools are emerging to keep up
May 13, 2024 Infrastructure
One size does not fit all
Infrastructure projects are riddled with uncertainty. While innovative contracts and dispute resolution mechanisms can help lessen the risk, the approach must fit the circumstances
May 23, 2023 Infrastructure