Alberta comes of age as a class action jurisdiction
The types of class actions being litigated in this Western province are increasingly diverse
Nov 25, 2021 Litigation
Top 10 business decisions of 2020-2021
Lexpert's basket of top decisions included constitutional, securities, employment and corporate law
Nov 25, 2021 Litigation
Risk has accelerated as court proceedings were delayed
Today not only companies are accelerating their decision-making, but regulators have ramped up, too
Nov 25, 2021 Litigation
Pandemic fuels white-collar crime
Compliance and enforcement are more important than ever as regulators may receive more complaints, and 'whistleblowers' and heightened cybersecurity risks may emerge
Nov 25, 2021 Litigation
The litigation pot continues to bubble
Arbitration continues to be favoured as courts have been slow to decide cases during pandemic
Nov 25, 2021 Litigation
Privacy a dominant theme in class actions
Many sectors are ripe for class-action litigation, including privacy, big data, long-term care, securities, employment, consumer/competition
Nov 25, 2021 Litigation
HERE COME THE CLONES...  The BREXIT Effect on Trademarks
BREXIT is near and the clones are coming!
Nov 27, 2020 Litigation