Hiring from abroad during Covid
On Jan. 20, the United States of America welcomed a new president and a new administration
Mar 04, 2021 Technology
The meteoric ascendance (and challenges) of tech
Technology is everywhere these days, from our kitchen table Zoom calls to the peak of the stock markets
Mar 02, 2021 Technology
Boosting tech IP during Covid
In July, the Business Development Bank of Canada Capital announced a new intellectual property development financing envelope to support intellectual property-focused companies in Canada
Feb 25, 2021 Technology
Canada overhauls digital laws
In November, the federal government tabled privacy legislation that would impose heavier fines on businesses for breaching individuals’ digital privacy rights and give individuals greater control over their personal information
Feb 25, 2021 Technology
Tech deals jump in value
To every cloud there is a silver lining, and several sectors of the economy have been thriving during the pandemic — especially those related to the pandemic
Feb 18, 2021 Technology