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Widely recognized as Canada’s leading litigation practice, Lenczner Slaght has successfully represented clients’ interests in some of the most complex, high-profile cases in Canadian legal history.

Our lawyers are distinguished by their depth of courtroom experience, appearing regularly at all levels of the courts, before administrative and regulatory tribunals, and in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

We are also known for our wealth of talent: Lenczner Slaght partners, ranked among the best of their peers nationally, lead a recruitment and mentoring program that attracts gifted litigators who are committed to upholding the highest professional standards.

From commercial disputes and class actions to cross-border matters and professional regulation, Lenczner Slaght brings expert strategy to all areas of litigation.


Experience: We spend more time in court.

Lenczner Slaght is exclusively a litigation firm. We are seasoned trial and appeal lawyers who have honed our skills over many years of challenging, high-profile cases. We have proved our ability to represent our clients where it counts — on our feet in all levels of the courts and before every kind of tribunal.

Talent: We offer unmatched depth.

Our litigation skills and courtroom expertise are unrivalled in Canada. We attract the best in our profession — bright, accomplished young lawyers who are mentored within our firm by top-ranked senior litigators.

Results: We achieve our clients’ goals.

We know what it takes to build and present solid, compelling cases. We have the skills and experience to position a case for success, enhance the prospect of a favourable resolution — and achieve positive results in a hearing or trial. We vigorously pursue our clients’ goals with creativity and determination, tackling the most complex challenges with a disciplined focus sharpened through years of hands-on experience.


Arbitration Defamation & Media Intellectual Property
Appeals Employment Product Liability
Class Actions Estates Litigation Professional Liability and Regulation
Commercial Litigation Insolvency and Restructuring Public & Administrative
Competition Insurance Securities Litigation


130 Adelaide St W, Suite 2600
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5H 3P5
Phone: (416) 865-9500
Fax: (416) 865-9010

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